Cumbrae welcomes responsible pet owners and we hope that this information will make your holiday even more enjoyable.

Dogs are very welcome on all Cumbrae’s beaches and walks. We only ask that you keep to the country code to ensure Cumbrae keeps its reputation as the doggy island! The code reminds us all to use our right to roam responsibly…


Tick are parasites that dwell in wooded and dense vegetative areas. They bury their heads into a dog’s skin and can transmit dangerous diseases lf you find a tick on your dog, remove it right away. Use tweezers or a tick scoop, and be gentle. Grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible by gripping its head and steadily pull upward until the tick releases his grip Do not take hold of the body the tick or squeeze the body as this can kill the tick, leaving the front part of the head embedded under the skin releasing toxins.


Dogs can worry animals such as sheep or cows and they can have a negative effect on the health of other animals in the countryside, especially farm livestock.

It is vital that, as dog owners, we keep our dogs on a short lead (less than 2 meters) or under close control on land containing animals and nesting birds. If there is no other alternative route just try to keep as far away from the animals as possible and prevent the dog from barking


A boisterous dog (or even a quiet one) can cause cows and horses to take fright, which may make them aggressive towards you or your dog.


Sheep are often kept under control by a sheepdog, and the appearance of another dog may cause total confusion or panic. Dogs can cause lambs to be separated from their mothers, and can also cause pregnant animals (such as ewes) to miscarry


Keep your dog under close control when you are in areas where ground-nesting birds are breeding or rearing the r young. This is really important between the months of April and July (breeding season), and includes areas such as moorland, grassland, forests and the seashore. Many people on Cumbrae keep chickens and they can be severely shocked by dogs chasing them which can lead to death or non-laying,


Please try to avoid fields containing fruit and vegetables, unless you are able to follow a dedicated path. This is mainly down to health hazards that dog faeces carry.


Your dog should be kept under close control in public areas. There are lots of lively children enjoying holidays as well as the dogs.


Please ensure that any poops are always picked up and disposed of properly. The toxocara parasite lies on the ground waiting for a home to infest long after the waste has disappeared. There is no excuse, poop bags are available free throughout the island for free. Any waste bin will do if a specific dog waste bin isn’t close by.

To report dog fouling telephone 01294 310 000

A number of accommodation and refreshment establishments here are dog friendly and for your convenience we have created a list below.

Accommodation providers

Fisherman’s Nook
The Hobbit Cottage
Eilean View
The Inches
Dowancraig Ferry & No2 Balloch Cottages
Millport Beach Apartment
3 Crichton Street
Millport Holiday Apartments
some properties
23 Guildford Street
by prior arrangement only
Millport Breaks
Other Establishments
The Newton Bar:
Dogs are welcome in our front bar where you can eat, drink and relax.
The Pier Hotel:
Allows dogs in during lunchtimes
Twa Dugs Pub:
As long as they are on a lead and are people friendly they are welcome although we would prefer when we had entertainment on it is not advisable in case it upsets the dogs.
Dancing Midge:
Outside tables only
Round the Island Café:
If it’s raining & they can’t sit outside providing they (the dogs) will sit under the table quietly and not react to other dogs we are happy to have them inside
Fintry Bay Kiosk:
Outside on the patio
Garrison House Café:
Outside Courtyard only

If you want to cycle, then why not take your dog along for the ride and hire a dog carrier to keep it safe.

Pet food and goodies can be found in several of the stores in the town.

Please remember:

• Not everyone likes dogs and some people can have a severe allergic reaction to dogs.

• Don’t let your dog run loose where there are sheep or other animals around.

• Keep Cumbrae clean by removing any dog poo.