Farland Point Walk

Embark on the Farland Point Walk, a serene journey spanning 5.4km (3.4 miles) from Millport Pier. Delight in captivating vistas of Ailsa Craig, Portencross, and the mainland coastline.

Commencing from the Old Pier, trace the seafront promenade along the coast. To your left, you’ll encounter the recently refurbished Garrison House. On the right, the distinctive Crocodile Rock emerges as you trail along Kames Bay. Keep an eye out for avid anglers casting their lines from the rocks.

Gaze across the mainland to behold the Deep Water Terminal and the Hunterston Nuclear Power Station, nestled against Cloudberry Hill. On clear days, catch a glimpse of the Windfarm gracing the skyline. Reach the end of the mainland coastline where the ruins of Portencross Castle stand proudly, with a similar structure adorning “Wee Cumbrae.” A clear view of Ailsa Craig, renowned for its granite supply for curling stones, awaits.

Continue along the path to the road where the University Marine Biological Station at Keppel Pier comes into view on the right. Explore the small museum and aquarium housed within the main building, open at select times during the holiday season. Follow the road and promenade back to the old pier, cherishing the journey’s memories.

Fintry Bay Walk

Embark on the Fintry Bay Walk, a scenic 7.0km (4.4 miles) route from Millport Pier, ascending to 55m (181ft) and offering panoramic views of Bute, Inverkip, and Dunoon.

Setting off from the Old Pier, ascend Cardiff Street and continue uphill along Golf Road. Just before the golf club’s car park, veer left onto the farm road. Pass through a kissing gate, tracing the path along the fence as it disappears into the horizon, parallel to the sea.

Marvel at the breathtaking views from atop the hill and during the descent. To the left, behold Kilchattan Bay on the Isle of Bute and the majestic Mount Stuart, residence of the Marquess of Bute. On clear days, catch sight of Ben Lomond and the hills surrounding Loch Lomond, along with the hills of Argyll and the Cowal Peninsula.

Upon reaching the road, choose to turn right towards Fintry Bay for a delightful picnic and perhaps a swim off the safe beach on pleasant days. Alternatively, turn left onto the footpath and coastal walk back to Millport, relishing the serenity of the journey.

The Targets Walk

Embark on The Targets Walk, spanning 5.5km (3.5 miles) from Millport Pier, ascending to a height of 50m (165ft), and offering breathtaking views of Bute and Kilchattan Bay.

Begin your journey from the pier, ascending uphill along the road to the golf course, passing Lower and Mid Kirkton farms. Between the two farms lies the graveyard of the original island settlement and a path leading to the Minister Walk and back to town.

Pass Upper Kirkton farm, veering left up the side of the steading onto a broad track. Continue along the field’s edge, enjoying panoramic views of Bute and Kilchattan Bay to the right, and the silhouette of the “Sleeping Warrior” of Arran ahead.

Descend to the road at Sheriff’s Port, where an enchanting coastal path leads back to Millport, offering splendid views of the town, Clyde, Arran, and Little Cumbrae.

For detailed descriptions and maps, visit www.ayrshirepaths.org.

Inner Circle Walk

Embark on the Inner Circle Walk, a captivating 11.4km (7.2 miles) journey from the Ferry Terminal or Millport Pier, reaching a maximum height of 127m (419ft) and offering excellent views over Largs, Fairlie, and the North Ayrshire hills.

Start your adventure from the Ferry slip, turning left towards the National Water Sports Centre. Pass a whitewashed house and take the right fork uphill onto Ferry Road. Admire the scenic beauty as you follow the signpost through the woods and along the field’s edge to Broomy Knowes, offering excellent views over Largs, Fairlie, and the North Ayrshire hills.

Follow the track near Ballochmartin Farm, leading back onto Ferry Road. Continue until you turn right uphill to the junction for the Inner Circle Road. Pass Figgatoch Farm and the remains of a former mineral well, then ascend to the Glaid Stone, offering landmarks.

Descend past Breakough Farm towards Millport, taking a detour downhill towards the housing estate. Proceed up Cow Lane past the Cathedral of the Isles, reputed to be the smallest in Britain, designed by William Butterfield. Descend to College Street and head towards the seafront, cherishing the scenic beauty along the way.

Whether you choose the old pier or the seafront, your journey promises unforgettable memories. For weary travellers, a bus service is available back to the Ferry Terminal.