Cumbrae has no official campsites, if however, you do wish to wild camp, then please do so with consideration to humans and wildlife, for human waste disposal, always use public toilets. If this is not possible please ensure that you bury any waste carefully, away from public areas, footpaths, burns and open water. As explained in the Scottish access code this type of camping is allowed when it is lightweight, done in small numbers and only for two or three nights in any one place.

Lighting Fires

Fires should not be lit in urban or maintained areas. Please keep your fire small and well supervised and only use dead vegetation and trees to fuel your fire. Remember if there has been a prolonged dry period, fires can easily get out of control, so it is best to avoid lighting one.


Cumbrae is the home of stoats, otters, seals and basking sharks, not to mention 250 species of birds including golden eagles. Litter is not only unsightly but will also be harmful to animals if consumed, therefore, please take your rubbish away with you so that there is no trace of your visit. There are many litter bins on the island and a waste recycling centre, even better commit to taking away an additional bag of waste from the beach each trip .

Please remember to leave no trace of your visit!

Motor Home Wild Camping

Cumbrae’s roads are narrow so please drive slowly allowing enough space for other road users and allow following traffic to overtake when safe. Public transport on the island can be limited but where possible, leave your motorhome at the campsite and travel by bike, bus or taxi.

If you choose to wild camp in your motorhome, please observe the following courtesies.

  • Avoid parking anywhere that could cause congestion to traffic or pedestrians.
  • Never park overhanging a road or footpath,
  • Take care not to obstruct anyone else’s view,
  • Setting up camp e.g. lighting fires, running of generators or erecting awnings is not advisable when parking within the town.
  • Avoid parking as a group in the town.

Please remember to leave no trace of your visit!