Cumbrae Parish Church

Bute Terrace, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, KA28 0BD

Cumbrae Parish Church       –  not just for Sundays

Christianity on the Isle of Cumbrae can be traced back to the 5th Century. Over the years many changes took place with a growth in variety and styles of worship followed by a series of unions and new buildings. Among these was the demolishing of the Parish Church at Kirkton and the erection of the present building in Bute Terrace which used much of the material which became available. The final union took place in 1972 when the Millport East Church joined with Cumbrae Parish Church to form the sole presence of the Church of Scotland on the island.

Visitors are made very welcome at all our services and events; many have expressed their appreciation of the experience. See our church website for the events details.

In 2006 concern over the condition of the roof led to a complete examination of the building, and taken with other factors, such as inadequate accommodation, location, and the ongoing costs of maintenance, convinced the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland, and the Presbytery of Ardrossan to support the concept of a new building on a new site. The site has been chosen; the design has been produced, and the necessary planning approval has been given. This ambitious project aims to give the community a modern place of worship coupled with recreational facilities and an area where people can meet and share some time together. This is reflected in our Vision Statement – New Church Building “Our vision is to provide a welcoming, accessible building – to be a church in the community, a place where there is space for worship, recreation, opportunities for refreshment of body and spirit and a central focus of Island life.” If you would like to make a donation to our new building fund, please go to the above website and click on the mydonate button.

Minister: Reverend Jonathan C. Fleming MA BD
Morning Worship: Sunday’s at 11.00 am
Bible Study & Prayer Group: Thursday 11:00 am (Garrison House)
Choir Rehearsal:  Wednesday 7.00 pm – 8:30 pm (Church Hall)

Bute Terrace, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae, KA28 0BD

01475 531196

07393 995 397