What is Cumbrae Community Council for?
The Community Council is here for you. To listen to your views about key issues affecting the island and to make sure they are heard.
You can also sign up for updates on email, follow our Facebook page and contact us by email to tell us what you think!
What is the governance structure?

Community Councils are Scotland’s most local tier of statutory representation (ie their purpose is set out in law). Members of the Community Council are democratically elected by those who live on the island.
Community Councils form an important connection between communities and the local council (as well as other public bodies) by sharing views and needs. In North Ayrshire, Community Councils also act as formal members of Locality Planning Partnerships.
You can find out more about community councils here.
You can find out how community councils fit into local, regional and national government here.
How does Cumbrae Community Council operate?
We have monthly public meetings, usually on a Thursday. We will hold a minimum of 7 meetings a year. An Annual General Meeting will be held in November. Draft minutes will be circulated within 14 days, formally approved at the next regular meeting. We will publish minutes here.
We will give at least 7 days’ notice of regular meetings and 10 days’ notice for special meetings.
Our quorum (minimum number for making a decision) is 3 members of the Community Council.

Community councils have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and licencing applications. Cumbrae Community Council has developed a policy setting out how we will respond to planning and licencing applications that affect the island.
We have also prepared advice about how to comment on a planning application.
Who is on the Community Council?

Chair – Alex Harvie: Marketing and communications specialist.
Vice Chair – John McHenery: Environmental consultant, semi-retired.
Secretary – Keith Hammond: Retired philosophy teacher.
Member – Duncan Fraser: FSC skipper.
Member – John Riggins: Paramedic.
Member – Angus Campbell. Electricity Network Manager (Retired) and Chair of Cumbrae Ferry Committee
Advisor – Graham Wallace: Former Chair of CCC.
Advisor – Gregor Harvie: Artist and architect.

How did the community respond to COVID?
The Millport Support Group was set up during COVID to bring together Cumbrae Community Council, the churches, Cumbrae Forum, Cumbrae Community Resilience Team and Youth Leaders in a coordinated volunteer response to the pandemic. This included offers of support and delivery of food supplies.
The Millport Support Group created a community newsletter called Croc Talk which they deliver across the island.

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Millport Isle of Cumbrae

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