September Weekend 2019

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The Island of Cumbrae Tourist Association would like to thank a lot of people for putting in the time and effort to make this year’s September weekend a huge success.

September Weekend 2019

Photo by Alan Cawley.

The Island of Cumbrae Tourist Association would like to thank a lot of people for putting in the time and effort to make this year’s September weekend a huge success.

Firstly, although it seems to pat ourselves on the back we would like to thank the organisers of the event, the silent team of people organised and led by the Island of Cumbrae Tourist Association, without them this would not be possible. It takes many years of practice to become that good. Thanks.
We would also like to thank the people who volunteered on the weekend and those who donated and collected throughout the year to raise funds to make this happen
Midnight storm for one of the best firework displays we have seen, rivalling the big events in major cities. Words like Spectacular, Amazing, Wonderful have been used to describe it, rightfully enough
The Padella Light makers who did an amazing job in making approximately 3000 of the little well-loved lights. Sadly these guys are retiring after 12 years. Thanks again for all the help throughout the time.
All the people who got involved in the events that went on throughout the weekend from Mini Millports got talent through to the crabbing contest the weekend we believe was a huge success.
And of course we can’t forget Mother Nature for organising an amazing day weather wise   lot

.Mini Millport’s Got Talent
Winner Skye Dancing – Elegant moves perfect timing with music tap dancing was brilliant – Superb
Commended Brooke – Singing Voice of an angel great song loved the way she made it her own lots of feeling
Commeneded Milly singing – Feels the passion of the song Holds notes from low straight to high Great 
Shop Window
Winner Brewbaker Willie Wonkas Bar – Brilliant
Commended Mapes Film Titles Excellent – got you thinking
Commended Marinas Save the Waverley – Window decorated by the Girl Guides
Hospitality Establishment
Winner Royal George Hotel Millport Oblongs Space Theme – Very funny & enjoyable Consistent, energetic Funny characters
Commended The Newton Bar Singing Kettle Save the Waverley-  Good engagement from the crowd energetic and creative
Commended Breathe of Heaven Bee Keeping – Consistent theme interactive and relevant theme
Street Entertainment
Winner Newton Bar Save the Waverley
Singing Kettle – Excellent singing lovely audience involvement Ethan’s Waverley wheelchair was a star appearance
Commended Royal George Hotel Star Wars Millport Oblongs – Excellent outfits Engagement with kids was good Loads of sweets for everyone
Commended The Ritz Willie Wonkas Chocolate Factory- Excellent Dancing great audience participation Fabulous outfits Kids stole the show
Family Sand Sculpture
Winner Millicons and Lindsay Fire breathing Dragon – Amazing detail very different
Commended Wullies Baws Oor Wullie on a bucket – Adult only entry Loved the props
Commended The Minions Fairy Castle – Full of detail loved the guard crab
Commended Mallon & MacDonald Millport Country Music Festival – Very animated and Millport theme
Childrens Sand Sculpture
Winner Robbie Lindsay Snappy the Dragon – Fantastic detail and name
Commended Winning Walruses Sofology – Well thought out
Commended Laura Dog Face  Excellent sculpting skills
Special Effort trophy – awarded to Lesley Fraser in recognition of all of the work & effort Lesley has put into organising the Sand Sculpture competitions. Lesley has been out judging this competition in dreadful weather and is never put off by the multitudes of entries.
Best House
Winner Strathmore Golf Road Fairy Garden – Very pretty with lots to see
Commended Cirmhor West Bay Road Nursery Rhymes – Lots of work
Commended Nessbank Marine Parade Fairy Bear – Trail Lots of work
Best Flat
Winner Trohork Kelburne Street Wizard of Oz-  Lovely
Commended Wallacefield Glasgow Street Fairy Trail – Very impressive
Commended Glenfruin Marine Parade Dragon – Very Unusual
Children’s Display
Winner Hepzi B Fairies-  So Sweet
Commended Cumbrae Laundry T Break – Lovely
Commended 12 Guildford Street The Beano – Just Dandy
Children’s Story
Winner Melody McCloskey – Crocky the Crocodile
Commended Deven Mills – Millport is Magic
Commended Stephanie – Fairies
Childrens Fancy Dress
Winner Connor – Peter Rabbit
Commended Angela-  Rapunzel in a box
Commended Alish – Baby Spider
Winner Charlie McMichael 184 grams
2nd Noah Morley 142 grams
3rd equal Cameron Davie 139 grams
Kian Clark
There were 157 entrants for the crabbing competition. Well done to Crocodeli for all the work that they put into organising this competition. It is certainly very popular
Photo Competition
Winner Susan Anderson – bicycle
Commended Kendra Lynch – Sunset on Cardiff St.
Commended Donna Anderson – Running Free