Lion Rock

Standing some 10 meters in height and over 50 meters in length, this imposing structure has graced the island of Great Cumbrae for some 65 million years.

This prehstoric rock formation is often seen as a prowling lion and in recent years was the subject of a restoration project to stabilise the rock to prevent it from crumbling with age.

Lion Rock Millport

In recent years it has become internationally famous as part of the ‘Hollow Earth’ series of books by John and Carole Barrowman. This series of science fiction books for teenagers is largely based around their childhood holiday adventures on the islands of the Cumbraes with Great Cumbrae being rename Auchinmurn island.

It stands just at the entrance to the town on the south east corner of the island only a few hundred yards from the Field Studies (ex Marine Station) building.

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