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GO Outdoors Blogger of the Year Kate from ‘Adventures of Kate’ has been busy out and about exploring the South coast for us to bring us 5 walks that she would recommend in the area of the country where she grew up and here’s what she recommends:

– Guest Blog –

I’ve been fortunate to grow up within a short distance of the coast, and have since moved to Hampshire, which has some of the most beautiful forested coastline I’ve found. Both the Dorset and Hampshire coastline is filled with history, another love of mine, and so, I’ve been able to mix it with my love of the outdoors and go on some beautiful walks, in all weathers!

Buckler’s Hard to Beaulieu– 4.5 Miles (There & Back)
Bucklers Hard is a beautiful old shipbuilding village on the Beaulieu River. Quiet, serene, idyllic…

A number of famous Royal Navy ships were built here in the 18th century. I adore history, so for me it’s one of my favourite spots. There’s a great little museum here as well, all about the village and its maritime history. However, if you just want some beautiful views, it has you covered!