GHOST WALK Friday 27th Sept. 7.00pm

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For many years Millport has celebrated the Glasgow September Weekend with a fun-filled extravaganza for all the family. Fireworks, competitions, street entertainment and much more.

Isle of Cumbrae Tourist Association


Friday 27th Sept.


Meet at the Pier

Take the conducted tour through Millports past


You never know who you might meet from the past
Party Bags and Juice for children at the end of the tour
Approx. 1 hour


September Weekend
For many years Millport has celebrated the Glasgow September Weekend with a fun-filled extravaganza for all the family. Fireworks, competitions, street entertainment and much more.
This is a tradition that goes way back to when the September Weekend marked the end of the season and everything slowed down on the island.
Without electricity, the island depended on Gaslighting and candles.
During the September Weekend candles (Padella Lights) lined the prom, shops and house decorated their windows using the candles.
Today we still use Padella lights to create a magnificent display on the Eilans and of course, you can obtain some for a small donation at Mapes if you want to decorate your own garden.
Many shops and houses decorate their windows for the competitions.
We hope you enjoyed your Ghost walk and go on to enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Many years ago the Isle of Cumbrae was a farming and fishing community
The hard-working Islanders fished and grew their own food.
There were many small jetties around the island which were ideal for smugglers bringing in wine and brandy, the small luxuries that
Islanders couldn’t supply themselves and were taxed highly making them very expensive.
The island was a safe haven for the smugglers until about 1780 when his Majesty’s Government had the cutter The Royal George serve the Clyde
The revenue cutter Royal George was the customs boat that served the Clyde from around 1780 to around 1820. It was based at Millport on the island of Great Cumbrae. Its Commander was James Crawford and its Mate was Archibald Retch. The cutter was about 250 Tons, carried 16 guns and was manned by a crew of about 60 men, mostly natives of Cumbrae.
This, of course, made life very difficult for the smugglers. If you look closely at Knox’s point you will see the steps leading from the beach where smugglers often landed with their cargo which they then took to The Royal George Hotel and the Cumbrae.

Garrison House

Garrison House was built in 1745 and housed the Captain of the Royal George Cutter and many of the officers of the ship. Many of these men settled on the
island and you will find streets such as Crawford Street named after them. Garrison House was then purchased by the Boyle family who used it as their summer residence. This beautiful building has served many purposes over the years, it has been a garrison for the officers of The Royal George Cutter, a family home for nobility, a hydro hotel, council buildings, a hospital, now the hub of the town with a health centre, library, museum and café. But what ghosts of the past will we meet roaming the grounds of the Garrison

The Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Isles, the smallest Cathedral in Europe was built by Lord George Frederick Boyle. Unfortunately,this and other charitable works bankrupted the Earl. Many of the Boyle family are buried in the grounds of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is said to be haunted by the Green Lady Scotland is said to be haunted by many ghosts known as the Green Lady. In Scotland, legend has it that the green lady comes from the sea and makes her home in a castle or farm building protecting those who live and work there and gives protection to the animals of the land. Will we catch sight of the Green Lady of the Cathedral who gives protection to the Island


So did the Green Lady at the Cathedral come from the sea to protect the people of the island, or is there another explanation. Scan the shore and across to the Eillans and you will see many seals frolicking in the water, sunbathing on the Eillans. If you are really lucky then you will catch sight of the Dolphin or
the Porpoise. Did the Green Lady come from the sea?? Do we have Mermaids who frolic with the seals ??
Let us quietly walk down to the jetty.
If we are really quiet and very lucky we might just catch sight of a Mermaid.