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Things for the kids to enjoy on Cumbrae…

There are loads of things for kids to get involved in, from exploring the rock pools, having fun at indoor & outdoor amusements, visiting the aquarium & museums, summer fun on the beaches, right through to professionally run sailing courses at Scotland’s National Sailing School right here on the island. Here are a few suggestions…

Rock Pools
Kids of all ages love to hunt in rock pools and there are rocky pools all around the Island. Pools close to the Crocodile Rock and along the Marine Parade area are the favorites and the easiest to access. To help identify the creatures you might see in the pools, John Taberner has created a Rock Pool Guide which can be downloaded from the link below. Print it out and bring it with you as a ‘spotting’ guide.rock_pool1 rock_pool2 button_rockpool
Also created by John Taberner is this handy Crabbing Guide. Taking the kids crabbing when visiting Millport is really good fun. Seaside activity will keep the children interested and occupied and is quite addictive for adults too. This guide will help you get started, will give you a good idea how and where to catch the crabs, what bait to use, what you should and shouldn’t do and the types of crabs you might catch. So get kitted out, get some bait and get ‘doon the watter’ and give it a try.button_crabbing2
Bird Spotting
The Island is home to a wide variety of birdlife. Some live here all year round and others make it their temporary home for the summer or winter. To help you get to know the more common bird on the Island, Sean from On Your Bike has created a six page Bird Spotting Guide which is divided into Junior, Adult and Advanced levels. You can print it out before you arrive or pick up a copy from On Your Bike in Millport.
Crazy Golf, Trampolines and Bouncy Castles
In the centre of Millport town on the prom you can’t miss the amusements – the kids won’t let you! There’s a full size crazy golf course to test the best or just get you frustrated! A set of swingboats which all kids love, and well protected trampolines where they can use up excess energy.
amusements1    amusements2
Indoor Amusement Arcade
Always a facination for kids, slot machines, games machines and lots of fun. It is located just to the right of the harbour on the main road.
indooramuse1     indooramuse2
The Robertson Museum and Aquarium at the Field Studies Council
You’ll find it on your right just before entering the town from the ferry, it is open most days and it provides a facinating glimse at life under the seas surrounding the island.
Model Railway exhibtion
A must for junior railway enthusiasts and their parents, this can be found in two wooden buildings behind the Garrison. A complete replica of the town of Millport has been created and several different train lines can be seen in action. Click here for more details.
Water Fun/Sport
The waters around the island offer unbounded opportunities for water based fun, whether it is just messing about on the beaches or taking to the water on a surfboard, canoe, dingy or powercraft.sportscotland National Centre Cumbrae, situated on the island, offers courses for all ages/abilities and full safety equipment is provided.  The ‘Try-a-Day’ courses are the perfect choice for those wanting to spend a day trying out either sailing, windsurfing or paddlesports. Safety First – Please remember that inflatable dinghies/toys can easily be blown out to sea with an offshore wind.



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