Farland Point Walk

Farland Point Walk – from the old pier

Starting Point: Millport Pier
Distance: 3.4 Miles / 5.4km
Max. Elevation: Sea Level

From the Old Pier, follow the seafront promenade along the coast. On your left you will pass the Garrison House, soon to be refurbished. The familiar face of Crocodile Rock can also be seen on the right as you follow the path all the way around Kames Bay. As you take the path on the right, keen anglers may also be seen fishing from the rocks. Cast your eye over the mainland, where you will see the Deep Water Terminal (the deepest in Britain) and the Nuclear Power Station at Hunterston. These are backed by Cloudberry Hill and on clear days the Windfarm can be seen on the skyline. At the end of this stretch of the mainland coastline is the ruined Portencross Castle and there is also a similar structure on “Wee Cumbrae”. There is also a clear view to Ailsa Craig otherwise known as Paddy’s milestone but perhaps best known for supplying the granite to form curling stones.

From here follow the path round to the road and on the right you will see the former Marine Biological Station (now run by the Field Studies Council) at Keppel Pier. A small museum and aquarium in the main building is open at various times throughout the holiday season and is well worth a visit. Turning left follow the road and prom back to the old pier.

cumbrae walks map

(click for full size map)


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