We’re Dog Friendly…

Dogs just love the Isle of Cumbrae and walking with their responsible owners. The island is of course a paradise for dogs who have the freedom to go wherever their master decides.

There are some limitations of course and no one appreciates dog poo on the pavement or beaches so we would ask you to be a responsible owner and pick up and bin anything your dog leaves behind – there are plenty of bins around the island.

A number of accommodation and refreshment establishments here are dog friendly and for your convenience we have created a list below.

Accommodation providers:
(click the property to go to their full entry)

Fisherman’s Nook  
The Hobbit Cottage  
Eilean View  
The Inches  
Dowancraig Ferry & No2 Balloch Cottages  
Millport Beach Apartment  
3 Crichton Street  
Millport Holiday Apartments some properties
23 Guildford Street by prior arrangement only
Millport Breaks  
Westbourne House self catering by prior arrangement only
The Royal George Hotel by prior arrangement only

Other establishments:

The Newton Bar
– dogs are welcome in our front bar where you can eat, drink and relax.
The Royal George Hotel
– allows dogs in during lunchtimes, except if there is an event or entertainment on.
Twa Dugs Pub
– as long as they are on a lead and are people friendly they are welcome although we would prefer when we had entertainment on it is not advisable in case it upsets the dogs.
Dancing Midge
– outside tables only
Round the Island Café
– if it’s raining & they can’t sit outside providing they (the dogs) will sit under the table quietly and not react to other dogs we are happy to have them inside
Fintry Bay Kiosk
– outside on the patio
Garrison House Café
– outside courtyard only

If you want to cycle, then why not take your dog along for the ride and hire a dog carrier to keep it safe.

Pet food and goodies can be found in several of the stores in the town.

Please remember:

  • Not everyone likes dogs and some people can have a severe allergic reaction to dogs.
  • Don’t let your dog run loose where there are sheep or other animals around.
  • Keep Cumbrae clean by removing any dog poo.

We wish you an enjoyable time on the Isle of Cumbrae with your favourite best friend!

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