Millport has two museums, one housed in the Garrison Building focuses on the island, its history and its people. The other, known as the Robertson Museum is at the Field Studies Council (formerly the Marine Research Station) on the shore road from the town to the ferry slip and, as the location suggests, it concentrates on the marine life around the island and the Firth of Clyde. Both are well worth a visit and the Robertson Museum boasts an aquarium with examples of the species found around our island shores.

The Garrison Museum is situated on the right as you enter the Garrison building an houses artifacts and stories from the island’s past and entrance is free. It is also adjacent to the Garrison Cafe which offers a range of food and beverages to suit both kids and adults.

Situated within the grounds of the Field Studies Council building, the Robertson Museum features a reconstruction of part of “The Arc” which was the first research station to be situated on the island in 1895 and was housed in a boat which was moored at Farland Point. There is an associated aquarium where visitors can see some of the examples of the marine life which can be found around the island. There is a small charge for entrance, with concessions for children and senior citizens. For more details click here.

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