Cycling around Cumbrae

The Island of 1000 Bicycles

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Sometimes referred to as the ‘Island of a Thousand Bicycles’, Cumbrae is a paradise for cyclists.

There are bikes to suit all levels of experience and ages, tricycles, tandems, mountain bikes, bikes with carriers, bikes with trailers to carry the kids, bikes with trailers to carry dogs, mobility scooters, and even an eight-seater bike to share with your friends.

The 10.25 mile circumference provides breathtaking scenery from quiet winding roads to the more hilly inner route providing the more adventurous with stunning panoramas over the Firth. At the top of the island, you will be 417 feet above the sea and the 360 degree view offers an excellent reward for the effort. Turning right as you come off the ferry takes you past a memorial to two Midshipmen of HMS Shearwater which sank close to this point in 1844 and on to the ‘Hush Hush’ (WW11 listening post) now converted into a conference centre. From there the road winds round different bays (look out for the Indian Rock on your left hand side) and the Fintry Bay Tearoom provides an excellent reason to stop for a refreshment. By the time you reach Fintry Bay you are more than halfway round the island and it is just 4.5 miles till you are in the town of Millport. Cycles for all ages and experience can be hired by the hour, day or longer from the following island based businesses:

Mapes of Millport – 01475 530444
Bremner’s – 01475 530309
On Your Bike – 
01475 530300