Crocodile Rock is one of the Isle of Cumbrae’s most iconic and quirky landmarks, located on the beach in Millport town. This painted rock has been delighting visitors for over a century and is considered a must-see attraction when visiting the island’

A Brief History:

The rock has been painted to resemble a crocodile since around 1914, making it a piece of local history as well as a fun photo opportunity.

It was first painted by a local resident, and over the years, maintaining its vibrant appearance has become a beloved community tradition.

What Makes it Special:

Crocodile Rock is not just a painted stone; it’s a symbol of Millport’s playful spirit and creativity.

It’s a popular spot for families, with generations of children having their photographs taken with the Millport Crocodile.

Visitor Experience:

The rock is easily accessible and provides a unique backdrop for memorable photos.

It’s a testament to the island’s charm and the community’s dedication to preserving its whimsical landmarks.

For more than 100 years, Crocodile Rock has been a source of joy and a testament to the island’s rich cultural tapestry. It’s a simple yet profound reminder of the Isle of Cumbrae’s unique character and the joy of discovery. 🐊🎨


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