Covid 19 – Coronavirus Island Updates

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NAVIGATING THROUGH COVID – 19 – Updated 24/09/2020

The Island of Cumbrae Tourist Association is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our business, our community, our vulnerable island residents, our much loved and well missed 2nd homeowners and caravaners, and our tourists. Read about the latest decisions being made by us and the actions being taken during the easing of lockdown for COVID-19.

North Ayrshire is classed as Tier 3 currently and this means that if you are located in Tier 1, 2 or 4 you should not travel to a tier 3. As much as we understand that this will be frustrating for people wanting to come for a walk, cycle, game of golf, fishing, birdwatching etc it is not allowed at this stage. we will update as informed however all up to date tier information is listed here:

It is important that you adhere to the following measures put in place.

  • Please keep 2 metres between yourself and all other people at all times, including whilst queueing.
  • Please understand that due to space shops, cafes, bars and restaurants may have a maximum number of people allowed on the premises, please adhere to this.
  • Please use hand sanitiser before entering the premises.
  • Please wear a mask in enclosed areas.
  • If a premises or area looks busy  it is busy, please pop back later and do not compound the issues

Facilities: – updated 29/11/2020
Further information will be released:


The board are pleased to announce that with effect from tomorrow Friday 17th July, until further notice, the following toilets will be open from 11am (closing time in brackets).

Croc rock (4.30pm)
Cumbrae slip (5.00pm)

Whilst these hours are not ideal we hope that the community will agree that it is better to have them open for part of the day than not at all. If we are able to extend these hours in the future we will do so.

Thank you

Further information will be released: | 08000665000

  • The ferry Shera, will be working on a reduced capacity of 72-foot passengers per trip
  • Foot passengers are requested to wear a mask and follow social distancing.

Further information will be released:

Millport Motors  – 01475530555

Information as set by the Scottish Government

General advice for all of Scotland

  • Stay local as much as possible for goods, services and activities.
  • Continue to work from home where you can.
  • Avoid crowded places where physical distancing may be difficult
  • Use your judgement – if somewhere is likely to be busy, you should avoid going there. If you arrive somewhere and it is busy, alter your plans and consider going somewhere else that is quieter.
  • Remember that the purpose of the restrictions is to prevent the transmission of the virus. Take steps to protect yourself and protect others.
  • Where possible walk, wheel or cycle, whilst complying with the physical distancing measures.
  • By walking, wheeling or cycling if you can you’re improving your own health and helping to keep public transport for those who need it most.
  • Please consider whether you need to use public transport, to ensure it is available for those with no alternative.
  • Please plan ahead when travelling, avoid the peaks and be patient when travelling.
  • Be considerate to others who may need longer to board and disembark.
  • Make sure you adhere to physical distancing on public transport and at stations, terminals and stops.
  • On public transport, do not use accessible seats/areas unless you have a need.
  • You must wear a face-covering on public transport, in a taxi and private hire vehicles and in stations and follow appropriate hygiene measures.
  • Travel to islands is permitted for all purposes consistent with the relevant phase of the Routemap.