Camping & Motor Homes

Wild Camping Guidelines:

In the absence of official campsites in Cumbrae, enthusiasts who wish to engage in wild camping are encouraged to do so responsibly, demonstrating consideration for both fellow humans and wildlife. Please do not camp within the town limits or near or on our emergency helicopter pad this is used 24/7 for emergency purposes.  When disposing of human waste, utilize public toilets whenever possible. If unavailable, bury waste carefully in a manner that avoids public areas, footpaths, burns, and open water. Abide by the principles outlined in the Scottish Access Code, allowing lightweight camping, small group numbers, and limiting stays to two or three nights in any given location.


Campfire Etiquette:

Kindly refrain from lighting fires in urban or maintained areas. If you choose to have a fire, ensure it is modest in size, well-supervised, and fueled only by dead vegetation and trees. During prolonged dry periods, exercise caution as fires can easily become uncontrollable. It is advisable to abstain from lighting fires in such conditions.

Litter Management:

Cumbrae is home to diverse wildlife, including stoats, otters, seals, basking sharks, and over 250 species of birds, such as sea eagles. Disposing of litter responsibly is crucial, as it not only preserves the island’s scenic beauty but also prevents harm to wildlife. Take all rubbish with you and utilize the numerous litter bins and waste recycling centres available on the island. Simply double bagging waste and placing it beside bins does not work as our gulls, stoats and sadly rats will tear open the bags causing waste to be strewn all over

Motorhome Wild Camping and Travel:

Given the narrow roads on Cumbrae, exercise caution while driving, maintaining a slow speed to accommodate other road users. Allow following traffic to overtake safely. While public transport options are limited, consider leaving your motorhome at the designated motorhome park in the Garrison Grounds and opting for alternative transportation methods such as biking, buses, or taxis.

For those opting for motorhome wild camping, adhere to the following guidelines:

– Avoid parking in locations that may cause traffic or pedestrian congestion.
– Never park in a way that obstructs roads or footpaths.
– Refrain from parking outside residences or on the promenade.
– Be mindful not to obstruct others’ views.
– Abstain from setting up camps, including lighting fires, running generators, or erecting awnings, within town limits.
– Avoid congregating in groups when parking in town.

Always uphold the principle of leaving no trace of your visit to ensure the preservation of Cumbrae’s natural beauty.